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What We Do

Working in Collaboration with Western Cape Education Department (WCED)

The SII shares the Western Cape Education Department (WCED)’s need to facilitate improvements in learner performance at all levels of the education system.

Supporting the WCED’s goals
Our work involves the extension of some of UCT’s existing projects and programmes. In doing this, and in initiating new programmes in Khayelitsha, we will always strive to support the Western Cape Education Department (WCED) in achieving their goals.

We acknowledge the six strategic levers through which the WCED seeks to improve learning outcomes at schools. The school-based work of the SII can assist the WCED directly in its district-level operationalisation of several of these objectives – with a key focus on the one that aims to “recruit, train and support teachers and school managers”.

Acknowledging the WCED’s managerial role
Through the SII, the university seeks an opportunity to offer its services to schools that will benefit from them the most. With respect to the WCED’s recently-introduced “Management Protocol for Projects Conducted by Outside Parties” , UCT understands the need for the department to play a directive role in managing the engagement of outside organisations in public schools.

To optimise the resources of the SII – particularly the expertise of the university’s School of Education – and its constituent unit the Schools Development Unit (SDU) – the SII works closely with Metropole East Education District (MEED) officials.

With the encouragement of the WCED Head Office, the SII holds regular meetings with the MEED District Director, Melvyn Caroline and Head of Curriculum, Benjamin Schereka. Regular contact is maintained with the Circuit Managers in each of the partner schools